Laurent Kohn is a guitarist & composer who was born in Luxembourg. Nowadays studying jazz guitar at the Conservatorium Maastricht, he is developing his own sound inspired by jazz greats like Wes Montgomery and John Scofield.


Quite early, as a little boy, Laurent Kohn started his music education. His first instrument of choice was the trumpet, which he has played for over 10 years in the local music school and in the local orchestra.  

When he was 17 years old, he decided to learn to play the guitar, naturally to follow his heroes at that time, and to play rock and heavy metal music in bands. Besides, Laurent was introduced to blues and jazz by his guitar teacher Paulo Simoes. This experience arouse his curiosity and these music genres have excited him ever since. 

Laurent quickly took the decision to become a professional musician, consequently started studying in the Jazz Department of the Conservatoire de Luxembourg with his teacher Jacques Pirotton.  

Now Laurent Kohn studies jazz guitar with his teacher Jan Formannoy at the Conservatorium Maastricht and prepares his Bachelor. 

Developing his own sound and inspired by his idols, Laurent Kohn has started the "Laurent Kohn Quartet" in 2019, to present his own compositions to an audience.  

In his compositions, he combines all the different styles he loves. Latin, Blues, Funk & more to a fresh but still traditional fusion sound in the style of John Scofield or the Steve Gadd Band.  

During his studies, Laurent Kohn had the opportunity to play or follow lessons/masterclasses with great musicians like Gilad Hekselman, Peter Bernstein, Scott Colley, Jeff Ballard, Larry Grenadier and many more.


Projects in wich he is currently active as a sideman are:

  • "Moonlight Sextet" led by Pierre Vyncke (sax)
  • "Alexandre Lesage Project" led by Alexandre Lesage (piano)
  • "Duo Marlau" - Marie Pack (voc) & Laurent Kohn (gt)
  • "Chantal Kirsch & Laurent Kohn"  - Duo, Chantal Kirsch (voc) & Laurent Kohn (gt)
  • "Steven Pitman Band" - Tribute-Band to Elvis Presley, led by 2015 Elvis-Championship-Winner Steven Pitman 

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